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the Living has always been the heart of every house. It's the place dedicated to hospitality and moments of sharing, but it is also the ideal environment for relaxing alone or with loved ones.
Harmonious and multifuncional spaces born from the right balace of shapes, materials, colors and lights. Here Live and Logic become almost a single system, generating articulated and extremely rational structures.

More and more ofter in contemporary houses, spaces are open, fluid and in dialogue with each other. So here is where the dining room becomes a natural extension of the living room in which the same finishes, materials and aesthetic choices perform different functions.
Here is the ideal place to exhibit precious furnishings and host crockery inside comfortable drawers or compartments closed by elegant doors.

The extreme versatility of the Live and Logic systems allow what is designed for the day to be perfectly declined also in home studio solutions.
This is how sculptural and functional compositions are born that can furnish the walls of a bedroom but also an entrance, or combine harmoniously match with the furnishings of the living room.